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shape icon Branding, visual identity

Our aim when creating or redesigning your visual identity is to visually & graphically retranscribe your brand's DNA, building on its markers and finding the strong element that will make the difference.

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1. Art Direction

Initially, we propose moodboards based on visual universes. The choice of typography, images, pictograms, illustrations...

Together, we go through all the visual elements of a graphic charter to define this universe. Once the universe has been chosen and defined, we can tackle the creation of the visual identity, starting at the beginning: the logo!

2. Logo & graphic guidelines

Creating a logo is the most important part of creating a visual identity. You'll be given several options, but only one is chosen - the one that represents you!

The logo will be accompanied by a graphic charter detailing its use and variations: typography, colors and visual assets.

3. Brandbook

Your visual identity can be extended to a variety of media, both visual and editorial. The brandbook brings all these elements together: tone of voice, design system, illustrations.

shape icon User Experience, Wireframes & prototypes

For the creation of your website, Viens-là is constantly on the lookout for useful navigation mechanisms adapted to each project, using the right tools and creating the best user experiences.

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1. Benchmark

To present each idea, we use benchmarks. This allows you to project yourselves and set the navigation and interaction cursor together.

2. Ux design

UX design is the first major stage of the project. After defining together the topics per page to prepare the content and tree structure, we can tackle the wireframes.

We'll help you organize content to optimize its use in wireframes and quickly create rich, well-constructed pages.

We take the time to fully understand the challenges of your project, so we can respond effectively. That's how we can make suggestions on block organization, functionalities or even goodies, which will improve your website's efficiency and visitors' understanding of content.

3. Prototypes

For certain blocks or scroll mechanisms, static wireframes are not sufficiently meaningful. That's why we offer you animated wireframes for certain parts of the site or application, to help you get a feel for it.

shape icon Web design, motion design & illustration

When we work on media such as the web, the most important thing for us is to make the most of visual assets, using all the technologies available in web design. Combining beauty with utility.

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1. Web design

As a digital agency, we have the ability to project the application of your graphic charter onto a website. In many cases, our interpretation of this charter will enable us to deepen its digital use and bring its graphic universe to life.

We usually have at least two art directors working on a project. This way, you benefit from two different approaches, two interpretations of the graphic universe and your creative brief, and twice as many good ideas. In the end, the hardest thing for you to do is choose a creative direction!

Every creative track we produce at Viens-là is designed with responsive design in mind, so that we can anticipate behavior on tablets and cell phones and guarantee that the site will work in all formats.

2. Motion design

One of the main advantages of the web is the ability to animate elements, and above all to interact with them. We're well aware of this, and we apply this approach to all our projects.

At the end of the day, you have a website with an artistic direction based on your graphic charter, adapted to the digital world, with sophisticated animation and interaction principles.

3. Illustrations

Sometimes, to tell a story, an image is more telling. That's why at viens-là we suggest you imagine your messages in different ways. Diagrams, pictograms or even drawings, illustration can take many different forms.

shape icon Front-end development, Back-end development, Experience

The development phase is where all our thoughts and creations come to life. For us, the back office is just as important as the front, which is why we think it's tailor-made, using tried-and-tested open source tools.

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1. Web development

All our sites are designed by art directors and developers. Pixel-perfect integration and animations are one of our strong points. At Viens-là, our developers are also creative, helping to think up animations, transitions and interactions.

We make it a point of honor to create a mobile experience as strong as that on the desktop, in order to promote the visibility and accessibility of information for an increasingly mobile target audience.

2. Front vs Back

For even greater performance, we've created a foundation combining the efficiency of modern framework technologies (such as react/vue) with stable, robust technologies (twig/php).

We can also offer a totally headless version where the front and back office are on two different servers. This opens up access to the back office to other platforms, such as a mobile application.

From the first request to the server, through asset loading speed to the optimization of script weights, everything is done for optimization.

3. Wordpress back office

We've been WordPress experts for over 10 years. WordPress has a very intuitive interface that's easy for you to learn too.

Despite the use of a CMS, all our sites are unique, and we develop them according to your needs. We use the minimum number of plugins possible, favoring from-scratch development for certain functionalities without altering the user experience in the back office.

4. Eshop with woocommerce

Woocommerce is a Wordpress plugin that lets you integrate an eshop into your showcase site. The big advantage is that it allows you to create unique user experiences, as the eshop base is fully customizable.

So whether you need to develop an eshop or integrate it into a wordpress site, WordPress + woocommerce have the answer to all your needs.

5. Experience

We also develop more experiential sites. Whether it's a digital experience or a game, we master all 2D or 3D front-end technologies to make your project unique.


The goal of SEO is to increase organic traffic. To achieve this, we optimize various aspects of your site, such as content, structure, HTML tags, keywords, loading speed, mobile-friendliness, and other factors, to promote higher rankings in search results.

SEO can also be considered after the site has gone online.

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1. Technical SEO

The structure of a website and the use of HTML tags and optimization are crucial to SEO and to delivering a good user experience.

All our sites are organized in a logical hierarchy, and the semantics are well thought out so that every search engine understands exactly where it is.

All our sites are designed for all types of devices and are fully responsive. All elements, such as images, scripts and external calls, are optimized.


2. Editorial SEO

Thinking SEO through keywords is essential to attracting quality organic traffic. That's why we work closely with our SEO partner.

Before we start creating the site's wireframes, we draw up a clear sitemap based on the various searches that your users may perform. The content of each page and all SEO tags must be designed with these keywords in mind.

Once the site is online, we offer monitoring of all activity to adjust keywords if necessary.




3. Medium/long-term SEO

Once the site is online, there are 2 main areas of work:

SEO-driven editorial strategy

The aim is to boost organic traffic and develop brand awareness (page views) and conversions (leads). We set up an editorial calendar with topics optimized for Google.

This strategy is developed in several stages:
- We list the topics most searched for by our target audience on Google.
- In collaboration with your teams, we create an editorial calendar combining the company's communication axes and SEO-driven topics.
- We work with copywriters to optimize articles and optimize tags.
- We carry out an SEO check of topics before publication.
- We monitor and analyze results (visibility and traffic).

Monthly SEO monitoring

Monitoring is based on several points:
- Technical SEO: we monitor the health of the site (data search console, in particular).
- Keyword positioning: to understand our visibility and the impact of our monthly work.
- Organic traffic & conversions: to understand the impact of our positioning on traffic & conversions.
- Editorial calendar: we track the publication of articles and their SEO performance.
- Netlinking: we track new links to the site (press, institutional sites, partners, etc.).

We follow up, analyze results and suggest ways to improve.

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