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Branding Branding, the essential element that allows you to exist visually and stand out from the crowd.

shape icon Art Direction

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shape icon Choose the right direction!

Initially, we propose moodboards based on visual universes. The choice of typography, images, pictograms, illustrations...

Together, we go through all the visual elements of a graphic charter to define this universe. Once the universe has been chosen and defined, we can tackle the creation of the visual identity, starting at the beginning: the logo!

shape icon Logo & graphic guidelines

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shape icon The logo, the first identifiable element!

Creating a logo is the most important part of creating a visual identity. You'll be given several options, but only one is chosen - the one that represents you!

The logo will be accompanied by a graphic charter detailing its use and variations: typography, colors and visual assets.

shape icon Brandbook

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shape icon Your brand's reference document.

Your visual identity can be extended to a variety of media, both visual and editorial. The brandbook brings all these elements together: tone of voice, design system, illustrations.

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