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SEO An SEO-friendly site is one that is well structured, optimized and built around key words.

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The structure of a website and the use of HTML tags and optimization are crucial to SEO and to delivering a good user experience.

All our sites are organized in a logical hierarchy, and the semantics are well thought out so that every search engine understands exactly where it is.

All our sites are designed for all types of devices and are fully responsive. All elements, such as images, scripts and external calls, are optimized.


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Go one step further and build your site around your searches.

Thinking SEO through keywords is essential to attracting quality organic traffic. That's why we work closely with our SEO partner.

Before we start creating the site's wireframes, we draw up a clear sitemap based on the various searches that your users may perform. The content of each page and all SEO tags must be designed with these keywords in mind.

Once the site is online, we offer monitoring of all activity to adjust keywords if necessary.




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An acquisition strategy

Once the site is online, there are 2 main areas of work:

SEO-driven editorial strategy

The aim is to boost organic traffic and develop brand awareness (page views) and conversions (leads). We set up an editorial calendar with topics optimized for Google.

This strategy is developed in several stages:
- We list the topics most searched for by our target audience on Google.
- In collaboration with your teams, we create an editorial calendar combining the company's communication axes and SEO-driven topics.
- We work with copywriters to optimize articles and optimize tags.
- We carry out an SEO check of topics before publication.
- We monitor and analyze results (visibility and traffic).

Monthly SEO monitoring

Monitoring is based on several points:
- Technical SEO: we monitor the health of the site (data search console, in particular).
- Keyword positioning: to understand our visibility and the impact of our monthly work.
- Organic traffic & conversions: to understand the impact of our positioning on traffic & conversions.
- Editorial calendar: we track the publication of articles and their SEO performance.
- Netlinking: we track new links to the site (press, institutional sites, partners, etc.).

We follow up, analyze results and suggest ways to improve.

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