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Development The characteristics of a well-developed site: fast, animated, scalable and made-to-measure!

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Combining design & development

All our sites are designed by art directors and developers. Pixel-perfect integration and animations are one of our strong points. At Viens-là, our developers are also creative, helping to think up animations, transitions and interactions.

We make it a point of honor to create a mobile experience as strong as that on the desktop, in order to promote the visibility and accessibility of information for an increasingly mobile target audience.

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Even more optimized!

For even greater performance, we've created a foundation combining the efficiency of modern framework technologies (such as react/vue) with stable, robust technologies (twig/php).

We can also offer a totally headless version where the front and back office are on two different servers. This opens up access to the back office to other platforms, such as a mobile application.

From the first request to the server, through asset loading speed to the optimization of script weights, everything is done for optimization.

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Objective: autonomy!

We've been WordPress experts for over 10 years. WordPress has a very intuitive interface that's easy for you to learn too.

Despite the use of a CMS, all our sites are unique, and we develop them according to your needs. We use the minimum number of plugins possible, favoring from-scratch development for certain functionalities without altering the user experience in the back office.

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The power of an eshop integrated into a showcase site

Woocommerce is a Wordpress plugin that lets you integrate an eshop into your showcase site. The big advantage is that it allows you to create unique user experiences, as the eshop base is fully customizable.

So whether you need to develop an eshop or integrate it into a wordpress site, WordPress + woocommerce have the answer to all your needs.

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A unique site based on an experience or a game

We also develop more experiential sites. Whether it's a digital experience or a game, we master all 2D or 3D front-end technologies to make your project unique.

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