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2021 Food & Drink Eshop

Creation of the woocommerce E-shop for Amadito, chef Juan Arbelaez's delicatessen.

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Amadito, meaning "little loved one

Discover the Colombian roots of chef Juan Arbelaez.

It's through this delicatessen that he hopes to share the products of a rich and wild terroir, whose production is both ethical and responsible! Amadito entrusted Viens-là with the creation of his e-shop, again on woocommerce!

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Amadito fait partie du groupe Eleni, comme <a href=’https://viens-la.com/projets/kalios/’ target= »_blank »>Kalios</a>. C’est donc un plaisir et une fierté de continuer d’accompagner le groupe dans la création de ses supports digitaux.

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